What is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is a common term used in the entertainment industry. Sometimes it is abbreviated entmt and used as a short hand notation in headlines and TV news banners. However, it is not commonly used in general prose. Let’s examine what this word means.

Entertaiment means to amuse

The word amuse means to entertain or occupy someone in a pleasant or light manner. When we entertain someone we are appealing to their sense of humor. There are many different ways to entertain someone. You can choose to entertain someone by playing games, telling jokes, or engaging in any number of other fun activities.

It is a word that means to amuse

The word “entertainment” means to occupy the attention of someone in a cheerful manner. It is often the result of a good story or joke, which elicits laughter. It also diverts attention from serious thoughts or laborious pursuits. It is a pleasant activity that restores strength and spirit.

The word “amuse” describes the feeling one gets when experiencing humorous experiences or situations. Generally, amusement is characterized by enjoyment, happiness, and laughter. Although it is difficult to pin down the exact reason for amusement, current research has yielded numerous theories in psychology, psychiatry, and sociology that attempt to explain its underlying mechanisms. While there are still no definite answers to the question of why people are amused, the definition of amusement is to hold someone’s attention and make them laugh.

Many people confuse amuse and bemuse. While they share a common root, “amuse” is a more accurate term. The word bemuse has been used in an amusing way for years. Moreover, the word bemuse has a light, playful connotation, which may be offensive to some readers.

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