Types of Automobiles


Automobiles are powered by an engine, and were originally called horses. Today, there are many different types of automobiles, from vehicles that seat four to five passengers, to high-performance vehicles. Here are some of the most common types of automobiles. And remember that the word automobile comes from the Latin mobilis, which means “movable.”

Vehicles with seating for four or five passengers

Many people need large vehicles for their families. Despite the decline in family size over the last 50 years, many people still need vehicles that seat nine or more passengers. This size of vehicle is also useful for friends and sports teams, which need to travel together. These vehicles can be customized to carry more people than four or five. Listed below are some types of vehicles that are ideal for larger families. Listed below are a few examples of vehicles with seating for eight or more people.

An SUV is a great vehicle for families that need a large vehicle to fit their luggage. Its rear storage area allows easy access to groceries or large purchases. Most SUVs have two rows of seats, with the second row folding out of the way for more cargo space. An SUV is also a great choice for families, as it is large enough to comfortably seat up to five people. These vehicles also have a back seat that can fold down for added cargo space.

Vehicles with retractable fabric tops

Retractable fabric tops are designed to replace hardtops on some vehicles. The fabric roof section of many vehicles may also have an interior cosmetic lining or sound-deadening layer. Hardtops have been around since the 1950s and offer superior weatherproofing, soundproofing, and durability. Many vehicles are equipped with this type of top, including the Ford Thunderbird, Jeep Wrangler, Mazda MX-5, and Jeep Liberty.

During the 1960s and 1970s, targa-style roof openings made convertibles a popular option. In the early days, cars like the Porsche Boxster and Toyota MR2 featured zig-zag fold tops. These designs also eliminated the need for a tonneau cover. The second-generation Ford Thunderbird made convertibles fashionable and patented the name “Targa.” Porsche borrowed the name from the prestigious Targa Florio road race in Sicily. Other manufacturers sought alternate names for retractable tops and began trademarking them.

Vehicles with high-performance engines

Hi-performance cars don’t just come with roaring exhausts and curved body designs. In the past, you could only find these vehicles on the tracks, but now, turbocharged V6 engines and bigger turbos are available in mainstream vehicles. In addition to the heightened horsepower, hi-performance engines also have better aerodynamic builds, which reduce friction points and allow faster airflow. If you’re looking for a thrill-seeking vehicle, read on!

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