From Trompe Loeil* comes this gorgeous mesh vintage bathroom set for FaMESHed that includes the bath, sink, rope mirrors and vanity table. All come with working animations and all come in a wide range of different colours. The bath which I just love comes in either PG or Adult version.

I also love these new music boxes from Contraption* that are available at The Arcade Gacha Event. There’s eight to collect and all come with different music. The one in the pictures below is called ‘Sailor’s Delight’.

FaMESHed Slurl

Lie Back & Relax
Lie Back & Relax

Lie Back & Relax

Lie Back & Relax

Lie Back & Relax

Skin: Fruk Bennett Shade 2 Blond Brows
Beard: Fruk Scruff Goatee Blond Shade 5
Hair: Taketomi Zayn (light blond 04)
Feet: Ispachi Natural Men’s Feet
Towel: Sway’s Body Towel Male (red stripe)

Drapes: Lisp Collector Drapes Olive
Champagne Bottle & Glass: Kusshon from the Victorian Bathtub Set
Music Box: ContraptioN Music Box Sailor’s Delight* (available at The Arcade Gacha Event)
Slippers: CT Mouse Slippers* (available at The Arcade Gacha Event)
Crate Shelf: Pilot Bohn Crate Shelf
Fido: Pilot Fido (carbon)
Vase: Pilot Larkin Vase
Soap, plant & candles: Bazar from the Roya Bathroom Set
Rug: Bazar Roya Carpet
Sign: What Next Bathroom Sign Duckie
Towel rack, laundry basket & plant light: Trompe Loeil from the Morning Light Bathtub Set
Blue Candle Vase: Kis Kis Candle Lantern
Pine Cone Bottle: Deji-Maya Bottle Pinecone Light
Prefab: Culprit Rustic Cottage

*Promotional copies

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