When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls

Wilds of Organica has released three awesome new masks for The Fantasy Faire. There is the Nefarious Skull mask, Trog Beastly mask, and Whispertron Mesh mask all available in the Relay for Life colours. Fantasy Faire 2014 Slurl Skin: Fallen Gods Draco Carbon Absinthe Necklace: Mandala Pearl Rain Set Cuffs: Deco Nomad Vambraces (gravel) Kilt: Illusions Black Semer Loin Cloth Staff: Eldritch Boglach Staff Starfire Point - Dancer's Triad Meadow Works - Mermaid Basking (available at Fantasy Faire) Kidd Grass Garden - Water Lilies Studio Skye - Enchanted WoodsRead more
It’s a War Between Heaven and Hell

It’s a War Between Heaven and Hell

NSFW Pictures here:¬† It's a War Between Heaven and Hell Carthalis: Skin: Vaya Con Dios Rafael Fire Hair: Entente Thibaut Hair (midnight) Facial Hair: Hermony Facial Hair Chin Curtain Horns: Remarkable Oblivion Baphomet Horns Infernal Harness: DPD Weapons Harness II Dark Wings: Death Row Designs Devine Wings Fallen Angel Tail: Medusa Neko Devil Tail Sword: Illusions Angelus Sword Studio Skye - Enchanted Forest Tia - Throne of Swords Starfire Point - Dancer's Triad Poses: Poseology Say Something (available at Pose Fair)* Oh Studio Fallen Dyer Maker¬† Couple Pose 03DM02 Del May Yin Yang,…Read more

Light up the World

Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 1 Hair: Colors 63 Dark Brown Beard: Hermony Facial Hair Variant J Hands & Feet: Slink AvEnhance Hands (relax) & AvEnhance Feet Flat Outfit: SSS Yabumi (Kimono & Hakama) Tea Sandals: Le Primitif Geta Sandals Black (available at CNY/Lunar New Year Festival) Prop & Poses: WetCat Lantern Prop Set (available at CNY/Lunar New Year Festival) CX - Chinese Lanterns (available at CNY/Lunar New Year Festival) 8f8 - Chinese Lampion's (available at CNY/Lunar New Year Festival) Starfire Point - Dancer's Triad Heart - Pink Cherry Blossom Water GardenRead more

The Wolf’s Den

Sinistyle has released this gorgeous and stunning mesh furniture set called 'The Wolf's Den' that comes in either black or brown. You can buy the pieces individually or as a set. The set includes sofa, armchair, rug, side table, deer mount, wolfbane picture and a box of extra items for decoration with all items as copy. Both the sofa and armchair come with a wide range of poses for both couples and singles. I love the black set, rich and decadent. Everything else seen in the pictures I've listed further below. Sinistyle Design…Read more


Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Clean Hair/Beard: Starfire Point Sylvan Mesh Dojo 2 (blacks) Outfit: Barerose Mesh Komaoh MaruRead more

Into the Void

Skin: Vaya Con Dios Rafael Tone 1 Hairbase: Exile Hairbase 2 (midnight) Top: Shi Mesh Hoodie Necklace: Starfire Point Mesh Pweter Totem Necklace (raven) Monocle: Kumaki Glasses Style Time Leaper Bracelet: Mandala Utamaro (silver metal) Ring: Remarkable Oblivion Mesh Penitent Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer Mesh Flutters Shorts: Fatewear Mesh Shorts Carter (void) Harnesses: Shi Mesh Leg Harness Feet: CheerNo Feet V2 Poses by HISposeRead more