A Gathering

A Gathering

Skin: Hermony Kyu Tone 3 Facial Hair: Nivaro Prophet Hair: Exile Machinehead (available at The Men's Department) Necklace: Mandala Onliest (available at The Men's Department) Tattoo: Reckless Mandala (available at The Men's Department) Gloves: Scars Knit Gloves (available at The Men's Department) Pants: Razor Suspension Pants Black (available at The Men's Department) Boots: Just Design Pirate Boots Prop & Poses: Axix Lord Crow (available at the Mystic Realms Faire)Read more

Glitter & Gold

Gorgeous new mesh shirts called 'Jake'* have arrived from Miamai that come in ten different colours and in three different styles of glitter, plain and striped. Miamai Slurl Skin: Nivaro Crow Ghost Tone Hair: Taketomi Zayn (dippu dye 06) Beard: Entente Facial Hair A - Beard Cinq Ears: Mandala Mesh Steking Ears Necklace: Mandala Dog Tags Pants: Scars Check Pants (black) Boots: GOS Mesh Triumph Boots Prop/Poses: Glitterati Hallway *Promotional copiesRead more


I have these gorgeous new mesh boots from Moyaz called 'Sydney Mesh Desert Boots'* that come in ten different colours and by clicking on the boot you can resize them to your desired size. The boots are available at Moyaz's mainstore. I believe that in Second Life just as in the real world there are some items of clothing that will always remain a classic item, regardless of how they are created and designed, some things just stand the test of time and look as great as today as when they were first…Read more

Dead Days

Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Clean Hair: Exile Hax (scarlet) (*Hair no longer available) Eyes: Fate Eyes v2.0 Face: Mortality Dead Head Face Paint Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Mesh Celtic Cross Scarf: NSD Tundra Scarf (jet black) Top: Scars Mesh T-shirt (black leopard) Pants: Gizza Striped Pants (black) Boots: Adjunct Lace Up Boots Raven Location: PandemoniumRead more

Tick Tock

Skin: Ispachi Gabriel (creme) Bald/Shaved Hairbase: Number Seven Army Black Hair: Raw House Flatlinern Face Make-up: Nomine Papillon Make-up Voodoo Sugar Skull 1 Shirt: Gizza Rococo Shirt (white) Pants: Scars Check Pants (black) Boots: 1st Act Ground Hog Prop/Poses: HopScotch 'Its Time' (limited edition)Read more

Always Somewhere

Skin: Ispachi Johan Pale Bald/Chin Curtain* Hair: Truth Drake (expresso) Necklace: Fusion Horn Cord Necklace T-shirt: Gear Shift Raven Gate Bracelet: Rozoregalia Gazeliver Jacket: Grasp Cargo Jacket Pants: Scars Check Pants (black) Boots: YumYum Classic Belt Short Boots Locataion: AM Radio's Superdyne *Promotional copyRead more

On the Surface

Skin: Belleza Shawn Medium 6* Hair: Exile Adam Blue Velvet Earring: Rozoregalia Belial Necklace: Primitive Design Legacy II T-shirt: Scars Skull T White Shorts: Action Mens Sk8er Shorts (Black tartan) Cuff: Sinistyle Misery Loves Company Boots: Deco Test Boots (cherry) Location: AM Radio's The Surface *Promotional copyRead more


Skin: Number Seven James Natural Shaved Stache Hairbase: Anaphora Freshcuts Noir Plain Hair: Ispachi Hunter Brown Glasses: Muism Minimalist shade GB Ears: Gauged Elf Ears Jacket Set: Scars Design Jacket Set (red) Pants: Muism Cotton Smart Trousers (black) Shoes: HoC Casual Loafers Pose/Prop Set: Glitterati Model's OwnRead more
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