Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hat & Hair: Wasabi Pills Magician Hair (royal) Buttons & Face Tattoo: Action Button Eyes & Face Paint Necklace: HoD The Crosary Chest Tattoo: Lazybum Love is Carved into my Chest Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands Pants: TonkTastic B52 Pants Boots: FLite Aviators CobaltRead more

Automation for the Furture

Sian Pearl sent me these awesome gauntlets called 'Vespers Cyber Gauntlets* to look over and I absolutely love them, I love the details, the shape of the fingers and the cables running down the arm onto the hand. Head on over to her store MetaTheodora to try out the demo. MetaTheodora Slurl Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hair: Neurolab Inc Sting Hair V2 Gas Mask: Neurolab Inc Gas Mask MX2 Blavk V2 Mask: Neurolab Inc Gynoid Black Latex Head Mask (from the Gynoid Catsuit) Tattoo: Letis Tattoo MM603 Necklace: HoD The Crosary V2…Read more

Paint a Cross

Skin: Nivaro Adam Light Tone Beard: Nivaro Painter Eyes: Zanzo Kawa (rumoi)* Hair: Ronsem Mage Hair Ears: Mandala Mesh Steking Ears Piercing Set: HoD Provocation Piercing Set Face Tattoo: Nuuna Neuro (red) Jacket: Grasp Mesh Leather Biker Jacket (black) Cuffs: Deco Mesh Rebel Bracelets Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild Mesh Zip Leather Pants Special Edition (cross rpyale) Boots: Dusty Hut Mesh Repairman Boots (available here on the Marketplace) *Promotional copyRead more

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and I hope the new year brings you much joy and love. Skin: Fallen Gods Thor (sigurd) Hair & Hairbase: Exile Mesh Revolver (noir) & Hairbase 2 (noir) Eyes: Redgrave Prim Eyes Edward (black) Piercings: Hebenon Vial Beast Necklace: HoD Fallen V2 Chest Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos Vivid Pants: Kisetsu Kabuki Hakama Akio Feet: CheerNo Feet V2 Poses/Prop Set: Vice Poses Abracadabra Prop: Mandragora Uraia Ancient CircleRead more


From Drift* come these gorgeous mesh collars that come in three styles of fur, sweater and velvet. Each style comes in fifteen different colour's and in a range of sizes from from XXS up to XXL. Drift Slurl Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Clean Hair: Ronsem Mage Hair Ears: Mandala Mesh Stretched Ears Omimi Beard: Emortal Concepts Black Chin Curtain Stache Combo Blindfold: Blitzed Headband (striped) Tattoo: Huz Tatttoo's Secret Lotus (no longer available) Nipple Piercings: HoD Lusrful Piercing Cuffs: Sinistyle Misery Loves Company Underwear: Vitamen Monthly Freebie (gold) *Promotional copiesRead more

Lost Souls

The new round of the Fair from Chic Management has begun and features more fantastic items. From HoD & Nunna comes this awesome piercing and face make-up set called 'Lost Souls' The Fair Slurl Skin: Nuuna B&W White Male Hair: Exile Jackson (moonlight)Read more


First I love this mesh hoodie from N-Creation that you can get at Fashion Voodoo and if you haven't been there's a couple of days left to go. Secondly picked up this great beanie from Mortality that comes with a resize/colour hud giving you eight different colours for your beanie. Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Clean Beard: Emortal Concepts Black Chin Curtain Stache Combo Hairbase: Jomo Etched Hair 01 Face Piercings: Rozoregalia Gemma Nose Piercing Earrings: HoD Dragon Spiral v4 (black & silver lining) Beanie: Mortality Visor Beanie Cigarette: Hermony Ultimate Cigarette Jacket: N-Creation…Read more

Wild One

I love these new mesh gloves from TonkTastic. They come with a colour changing hud that gives you 10 different colours to pick from and also 15 poses to use for your hands. Skin: Birth Fang (light) Clean Beard: Emortal Concepts Black Chin Curtain Goatee B Hairbase: No longer available Hair: Black Maria Mohawk HO43 Black Eyes: Redgrave Prim Eyes Emerald Neck Tattoo: Trailerstar Tribal Neck Piercings/Eye Make U: HoD/Nuuna Chained Piercing Set (slide) Shirt: Sey Mesh Military Shirt (dark green) Shorts: Razorblade Jacket Mesh Jaw Breaker Jeans Shorts (blue) Gloves: TonkTastic Mesh…Read more