Lift Off

Lift Off

Skin: Birth Rufus Highlands Tone (snazzy) Hair: Truth Tom Sweater: American Bazaar Patched Wool Sweater (brown) Pants: American Bazaar Cargo (khaki) Sneakers: Redgrave Sneakers Splitter Camo Prop & Poses: Sari-Sari BalloonsRead more

Call of the Wolf

Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 1 Facial Hair: Hermony Facial Hair Full Beard Tattoo: Birth Animal Imagination Hood Set: The Ugly and Beautiful Designs Cerberus Cloak Pack (Dark Chi) Staff: The Forge Aura Moon Staff (from a previous Fantasy Gacha Fair) Gloves/Hands: Kauna Fingerless Gloves Pants: The Forge Bran Pants (black) Boots: The Forge Daerwen Boots (worn black) Wolves - Alchemy Fenris the Great WolfRead more

Lord of the Dance

Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 3 Mask & Antlers: Illusions Eikthirnir Tattoo: Birth Temple of Nature Pants: Deco Tucked Fatigues (black) Boots: Happy Face Stomp Boots Fog Poses by Del May* *Promotional copiesRead more

Maybe the Moon

Skin: The Skin Shop Dash 07 Hair: Birth S7ven Hair (moonlight) Beard: The Skin Shop Facial Hair Handsome Antlers: Kre-ations Captive Moon Horns Jacket: Xiaj Mandarin Jacket (charcoal) Shorts: Ronsem Jinbei (black) Boots: Valiant Journeys (black)Read more


The third and final release from Lapointe & Bastchild are these gorgeous cotton ribbed style pants* that come in five different colours (pine, gunmetal, slate, bark & noir). Again they come in lots of different sizes and include tucked in versions for boots. Lapointe & Bastchild Slurl Skin: Birth Reese Stubble (pale) Hair: Entente Thibaut Hair (golden brown) Dog Tags: Mandala Shamira Dog Tags Shoes: Monso My Studded Oxford (silver) Bookcases: Dutchie Library Bookcases *Promotional copiesRead more

Green & Plum

Kauna* has released gorgeous new jeans that come in green or plum and come with black and white belts. Kauna Slurl Skin: Birth Thor Abe (pale) Hair: Colors 63 Sienna Brown Shirt & Tie: Iruco Loose Tie A Coats: ::K:: Swing Coat (beige & mocha) Socks: Entente Striped Socks (charcoal & grey) Shoes: Kauna Wingtip Brogues *Promotional copiesRead more

The Philosophy of Pleasure

Fallen Gods has updated there gorgeous 'Marquis*' furniture set. The furniture now comes with more texture options to pick from for the items and more animations included in the pieces. The furniture comes in both mature and adult versions. Fallen Gods Slurl There are more pictures here that are adult themed: The Philosophy of Pleasure Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Stubble Hair: Exile Hey Man Nice Shot Mask: Illusions Columbina Venetzia Hands: CheerNo Hands M8 Suit: Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Black Tuxedo Shoes: Miamai Miles Oxford Cap Toe (coal black) Feet: Ispachi Natural Men's…Read more

Bakers Day

From Circa I have this cool baking table set that comes with seven animations and matching props that work with the animations. Circa Slurl Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 4 Hair: Exile Jackson (bottle blonde) Beard: Entente Facial Hair Un (black) Tattoo: Birth Temple of Nature Jacket & Jeans: Ducknipple Mesh Jaap* Boots: Redgrave Boots Walker (black) *Promotional copiesRead more