Please note I do not request or ask for review copies.

I am proud to have supported and blogged Chic Management events.  I also blog  The Arcade Gacha Event a fantastic event that I am very proud to support through my blog.

My passion has always been and will always be in the clothes I wear and the pictures I take within Second Life. I will always credit the items I wear at the end of each blog post with a slurl to the location of where they can be purchased or on the marketplace if unavailable in-world. Promotional copies will always be marked with an asterisk (*).

I do not endorse or support any form of copy botting whether its items copied in-world from designers or mesh items ported over from outside sources such as games and websites. If you see something on my blog that you believe to be copied please notify me at once.

If you are concerned about an item that you have seen in-world or on the marketplace there’s a couple of good places to keep an eye on for warnings about ripped content. The first is this excellent thread over on the forum SLUniverse, the wealth of knowledge of games and various 3D websites is worth keeping an eye on and bookmarking: Mesh Police – Ripped Content Watch

Thank you
Carthalis Rossini