Nu’Ville Horror

Head on over to the awesome and spooky Nu'ville Horror and take a ride on the bus. Created by the brilliant Anya Ohmai (owner and creator of Ohmai) and Suetabulous Yootz (owner and creator of Beetlebones).  You can either join the group for 800 lindens and get unlimited access to the sim or pay 100 lindens for a bus ticket. Hop on the bus and ride through the spooky lands of Nu'Ville. The place is amazing and full of great designs. Make sure to have music and sound on to get the full…Read more


Ascension is an amazing installation that's part of the LEA Art Project. Created by Mantis Oh (owner of Hybrid Productions) its a gorgeous journey through sound & colour that can be explored in many ways and worth visiting. Ascension Slurl Skin: Clef de Peau Jules Tone 0 Hair: Eep Hair 018 Light Brown (available at Hair Fair 2013) Goggles: Biomechanoid The Goggles Outfit: Graves G439 Connect Male (red) Boots: Deco Combat Boots (black)Read more

Imogen and the Pigeons

I am a huge fan of Bryn Oh's work in Second Life. Ever since I came across Immersiva back in 2009 I have followed and loved her exhibitions. Her stories draw you into the worlds she creates, and not only give you a visual experience, but also invite's you to become part of the story, to experience it, to move around in it and it challenges your ideas. Her work is visionary and beautiful and evokes so many feelings. Her latest work on her sim Immersiva is called 'Imogen and the Pigeons' and…Read more


S.I.C is a great place for taking shots if your looking for busy streets or a good skyline backdrop. There is a lot crammed into this one sim with lots of side streets leading off into different directions from the main landing area. I love going up onto the rooftops of sims like this and cranking up my draw distance and then you get that great city perspective. I've used S.I.C quite a few times for both blog shots and for just exploring and looking around. S.I.C SlurlRead more


Pteron has been in Second Life for as long as I can remember and I've used it quite a few times for blog pictures or just for exploring and looking around. It's a great place to explore with lots to see both at surface level, under water and up high in the sky, and there's lots of secret rooms and hidden places to explore. It's a gorgeous and surreal place to visit. Pteron SlurlRead more


I was really pleased to see ChouChou return to the grid earlier this year, its absence has certainly been felt. Comprised of three sims ChouChou, Memento Mori and The Babel, it is the work of the Japanese music group of the same name formed in Second Life. With vocals by  Juliet Heberle and music by Arabesque Choche it is a stunning meditation that is full of emotion and depth. The sim's aren't just a visual experience, you need to turn your sound on and hear their music as it plays out; sit and listen to the…Read more


Humanoid is a gorgeous and surreal landscape that I've used several times for background shots for my blog and is one of my favourite places to visit in Second Life. With several islands scattered around in shallow water which is perfect for walking in without suddenly disappearing into an abyss. Something I always do with water is turn on the glassy effect in the water effects section of the environment editor which gives a nice and natural reflection on the water. It's a great place for taking pictures and experimenting with depth of field, moving…Read more

The Grove Country Club Estates

The Grove Country Club Estates is a country club theme community and is a gorgeous and beautiful place to come and explore. Covering 12 sims including the equally gorgeous Majesterium sim that I've used before for background shots, it's certainly worth visiting and taking your time to explore. I love the little shopping area with its little boutiques and tree lined streets. There's lots of residential areas and some of the houses residents have are worth seeing for the way they blend into the surroundings. The Grove Country Club Estates SlurlRead more