From Zinnias for the Four Walls Hunt is this gorgeous guitar furniture set* that includes chair, guitar prop, pictures and the chair rezzes a guitar you can play when you sit on it.

Zinnias Slurl



Skin: Birth Thor (light) Stubble
Hairbase: Exile Hairbase 2 (mahogany)
Beard: Emortal Concepts Black Chin Curtain Stache Combo
Hat: Deco Mesh Bandito Sombrero
Poncho: Deco Mesh His Bandito Poncho
Cigarette: Hermony Ultimate Cigarette
Tattoo: Garden of Ku Moa-Moa
Pants: Deco Mesh His Jump Pants (sand)
Boots: MoYaz Mesh Sydney Desert Boots (desert)

Cactus: Arctic Greenhouse Fero Cactus Large Single v1
Home: Cheeky Pea Mesh Sweetwater Outdoor Room

*Promotional copy

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