The new round of The Men’s Department has begun and there is some gorgeous mesh furniture available.

From Apple Fall comes this gorgeous mesh set called ‘Ralph’s Entryway*’ that includes the chest, pictures, hurricane lamps and boat.

From Kusshon comes this sublime mesh ‘writing desk & stool “nippon”*’ that includes the desk, stool, shelf, pictures and desk decor. The stool comes with seven animations.

Finally from Cheeky Pea is this very unusual and different mesh Christmas tree called ‘Tynebank Antler Tree*’ and you can change the candles to one of six different colours. The mesh chair is also by Cheeky Pea called the ‘Rue Abel Loveseat*’ and is available on the The With Love Hunt.

The Men’s Department Slurl

 Apple Fall

Frozen Time


Frozen Time

Cheeky Pea

Frozen Time

*Promotional copies

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